MUSIC VIDEO: Maybe If We Took It Slow

I wrote this song on a plane from London to Seattle during my book tour, and recorded it in Portland, Oregon with Matt Harmon and Steven Richkind.

The music video is shot on my iPhone in Bellevue, Washington, with Jason Johnson and edited on my Mac.

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About "I Thought We Were Just Hanging Out":

“I applaud Louise Roenn for laying it all on the line in this delightful book of poetry. Her loss is our gain – and that is a chance to feel the preciousness of human love – how deep it can go and how fleeting it can be.

But even when love passes, the experience opens us up a deeper place of longing. Louise writes from that place and, by so doing, connects her readers to their often unexpressed and deeply felt quest for a love that truly lasts."

- Mitch Ditkoff, author of "Full Moon at Sunrise"

"Hanging out in Louise Roenn’s world of poetry and pictures is a feast for the heart. She reminds us that deep love is the most precious human gift, no matter how fleeting it may be. Her suitcase adventures are laced with emotional transparency and leave this reader feeling tender while longing for more."

- Marcia Newman, author of Five Gifts of Pro-aging.


"I love the entrance to the book..... Thank you, "for breaking my heart wide open". Powerful statement, and also full of emotion and compassion. It takes courage and honesty to vocalize it and much more to write about it. Congratulations to the heart!" 

- Gretel Rogers.

"It's so nice to read raw emotion that is witty, real, funny, quirky and intense. My husband and I actually read some of her poems and stories aloud to each other. We are not very romantic, but, it was an easy read, and we were amazed at how we could each identify with the words the author used. Very happy I bought the book. It's a great gift for a gal pal going through a break up, married or in relationship friends who want to "remember when..." or just a nice reflection on something not cheesy but real emotion. I bought one for myself and a lady friend going through a divorce. We both loved it!"

- Mandi Graziano.

"There is something about this collection of poetry that grabs you and holds your attention. From the dedication, where she tells him that he broke her heart wide open, reminiscing about their time together, their time apart, you just want to root for this couple. You want them to be together, because their love is like no other. You want to read on and on and on, you want more. 

Louise Roenn has written a wonderful series of poems that is very personal, very real, and very insightful yet totally relatable."

- Eleanor B. Mullin.

"I entered the journey of "I thought we were just hanging out" and took the ride through love and loss, longing and fulfillment. a heart poetic singing her song. The photos were gorgeous as well, but it was the plucking of my heartstrings through louise's words that really lingered. a great gift!"

Joan Apter.

"Louise reminds us of one of the most primal movers of life.......the love between lovers. I cherished riding the wave reflected in her journey. It elicited memories I never want to matter how long ago. Raw and authentic, Louise writes from her heart. A heart that beats so strongly, it needs no veil."

Marcia Loft.